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Keeping track of all your Bills can be overwhelming. Use this free printable Bill Tracker and know when bills are due.

Nowadays, a lot of companies are switching to electronic invoices instead of mailing them out. This system has a lot of benefits but could make it harder for you to keep track of upcoming bills and payment dates as you don’t receive a physical copy of the invoice. Most of the time you will receive an email notifying you when a bill is ready. You log into your online account, view the bill and maybe print it for your records.

Bill TrackerI have a lot of my monthly bills set up for auto-withdrawal. It is great because I don’t have to worry about missing a payment, but it also makes me not pay attention to due dates and amounts.

To have a better overview of all your bills, I have a created this chart which will help me see all my bills, amounts and due dates. The bill tracker is categorized in yearly, quarterly and monthly bills. Most of the bills would be due monthly. I have a few bills that are due yearly such as renewal stickers for the license plate. Here is how to fill out the chart:

  1. Enter all your bills in the right expense category (yearly, quarterly, monthly). You can just write down what kind of bill it is (e.g. phone bill, hydro bill) or go by company name.
  2. Enter each bill amount. If bill amounts vary, I would use an average amount.
  3. For the due date, enter the day the payment is due or will be withdrawn from your account. Write down  20 for the 20th of the month.
  4. Monthy bills are obviously due every month, but to know when a quarterly or yearly bill is due you can circle or highlight the specific field.
  5. When the bill is paid put an X in the field.

I have not created an extra column for it but it be good to indicate how each bill is paid. W for withdrawal, C for cheque, CC for credit card, O for online payment etc…

It’s not too hard to fill out and it gives you a nice overview of all your bills. Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions.

Download the free printable Bill Tracker here.


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