1 – 2 – 3 …..get cleaning!

Who enjoys cleaning? Most people will tell you they’d rather do other things. I tend to “enjoy” cleaning when I’m in a bad mood. I’ll put on my headphone, turn up the music and forget about everyone and everything and just scrub and dust around the house like crazy, lol. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen very often.

Weekend are our big cleaning days. At least that’s when I do most of my cleaning. A lot of things during the work week get left for the weekend. It is usually a big catch up and pretty much repeats every weekend. I would rather do other things on the weekends than clean the house, especially in the summer.

I came up with a great idea for our family where we can all contribute to the cleaning and have a clean house for the weekend.

It is a simple idea and will work great with kids. You can turn it into a game or competition. It will not take a lot of time but will make a big difference!

  1. Pick a time of the day when everyone is available. For us it is right after dinner. We usually have an early 5pm dinner. You can turn up the music in the house or each person can listen to their own music.
  2. Decide how much time you want to allow for the cleaning. I think 30min is a good time. If you have smaller kids maybe 15min will work better.
  3. Set a timer for 30min (or whatever time you chose)
  4. Now let the fun begin! Each person will clean as much as they can in that timeframe. They can clean whatever they want. Scrub tiles, put laundry away, clean baseboards….whatever they choose.

Now think about it. For example, we are 3 three people in our household, that’s 1.5 hrs of cleaning everyday x 5 days/week that is a total of 7.5 hrs of cleaning!

Doing a little every day will avoid big clean ups at the end of the week. We have done it for a couple of days now and so far it seems to be going well. Will update in a couple of weeks……..






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