Plan with me – Weekly Sticker Kit for Erin Condren Planner

Plan with me – Weekly Sticker Kit for Erin Condren Planner

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Hi everyone, here is a plan with me of my recent weekly planner spread. I am using the Erin Condren planner and the sticker kit is from my Etsy store.

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planner start

This weekly sticker kit comes with 6 sticker sheets. It includes the most common stickers for your planner.

Sticker Kit

Sheet 1

  • 7 Today headers
  • 7 To Do headers
  • 7 Littles headers
  • 7 TV labels
  • 7 Meal Lables
  • 7 various labels
  • 7 various headers
  • 7 blank labelsetsy weekly kit

Sheet 2

  • 2 Coffee Cup stickers
  • 1 Weekend banner
  • 5 mini Flag stickers
  • 7 Hydrate stickers
  • 12 quarter Labels
  • 7 To-Do flags

Sheet 3

  • 8 Half boxes
  • 6 Icon stickers
  • 7 Day Stickers

Sheet 4

  • 1 large flag sticker
  • 1 Pay Day flag
  • 4 quarter labels
  • 1 Day off flag
  • 1 blank checklist
  • 3 flag quarter labels
  • 1 To Clean checklist
  • 1 Bill Due sticker
  • 2 small daily trackers
  • 1 large daily tracker
  • 1 To Buy checklist

Sheet 5

  • 8 full boxes

Sheet 6

  • 1 bottom right washi sticker
  • 1 bottom left washi sticker
  • 2 corner stickers
  • 24 small washi strips

Plan with me

blank planner

This is how the weekly pages of my planner look like. Not much going on. Time to start decorating!!

planner headers

The first thing I usually put down first are my different header stickers. The To-do’s at the top, my Today headers in the middle and my Littles at the bottom. I switched them around in the beginning, but lately I have been sticking with this layout.

planner washi

Next, I move on to my Day labels and the bottom washi.  I like to put down the headers and day stickers first, because I know that’s where they belong and it will make it so much easier to plan your week out once you have the base layout done.

The To-Do flag sticker will go right under the To-Do headers. It makes it easy to write down what needs to get done and check it off later. All stickers that are placed next, can be put anywhere you want. Whatever works best for you. I moved the blank header stickers under the Today section so I can keep track of my work hours. The meal and hydrations stickers are at the bottom of the Littles section.

planner sidebar

A lot going on here. I worked on my sidebar which consists mainly of my tracker stickers. Since I am focusing on getting back in shape, I am keeping track of my steps in the big daily tracker. The smaller ones are being using to keep track of my vitamins and workouts. In the large flag sticker I am probably writing down my weight at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week.

On the right side, I place down the weekend banner and 2 full box stickers. There is usually not too much going on on the weekend. Saturdays is cleaning day and Sundays is shopping day 🙂

planner complete

Here is a picture of my final spread for the week. I am pretty happy with it. Love the colors and all the stickers work well for me.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my sticker kits, please visit my Etsy Store   (use the exclusive code ” VIP30 ” for 30% off)

If you would like to see this completed weekly spread or some of my others, follow me on Instagram @organizedandhappier and tag me so I can see your spreads 🙂

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