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A little while ago I purchased the MAMBI Fitness Planner. I had some time to use it and found a set up that I am quite happy with. If you are interested in purchasing the Fitness Planner or recently bought it but have no idea how to get started, continue reading…

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If you are thinking about purchasing the Fitness Planner and would like to get a better idea of the contents of the kit and what the inside looks like please read my full fitness planner review.



My Fitness Planner Setup

I decided to buy the Fitness Planner because I really gotta get back in shape and lose a few pounds. I am using apps on my phone to somewhat keep track of my activities and wellness stats but lately I’ve been getting better results when I am actually writing things down. The plan is to eat healthier, exercise regularly and get more sleep.

Twelve Month Progress Tracker

One of the first pages of the planner is the Twelve Month Progress Tracker. At the end of each month I record my weight and measurements in the chart. It will give you a quick overview of your progress. A lot of times when working out, my weight necessarily doesn’t change much in the beginning as because I am gaining muscle, but I am losing inches on my body. That’s why it is good to keep track of your body measurements.

Monthly Overview

The monthly overview is great for scheduling your workouts. Right now I am planning on running 2x a week and going to yoga classes 2x a week. Yoga classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I usually go running with my friends Saturday morning and there is always time on Sunday for a quick treadmill run at the gym.

I am going on the scale every morning and writing down the numbers in the top corner. My weight fluctuates constantly, so I am not too concerned about the numbers but still would like to keep track of it. For example, since I am also logging my food intake on the weekly pages it would be interesting too see if certain food may cause water retention and therefore increase my weight. My Fitbit Aria scale is able to send the information directly to the Fitbit website, which allows me to see a trend for the week, month or even year.

At the bottom of each day, I am recording my calorie intake. The total numbers are coming from the weekly pages and exercise calories burned are not included.

Weekly Layout

First I am writing down my goals for the week. They are usually the same and are more like a reminder. At the bottom I record my starting weight and ending weight for that week. The main part of the page is for my logging food intake and exercise. I usually use a green, orange or red pen to write down foods that are healthy, ok or not too healthy. Beside the food, I write down the calories. The amount of calories usually come from the food packaging or store/brand website.

Every day I am recording my daily steps, resting heart rate, hours of sleep and weight. All these number are coming from my Fitbit Surge, which I am wearing daily. In addition, on my exercise days, I write down the type of exercise and if available distance, duration and calories burned.

At the bottom of each day, there is a space to record your water intake. I am usually trying to drink at least 8 cups of water every day.

Progress Page

The progress page is great for adding a before and after picture. Right now, I think I am just writing down my measurements at the beginning and end of the month to see any changes. This page is meant to reflect on the month, how well you did and what could you do better for the next month. I think it is a great summary of how you felt the month went and to motivate you to do better or the same for the next month.


There are a few additional items available for the fitness planner. You can get an extender pack with an additional 4 month of tracking pages.

The Fitness Planner Kit only came with 4 sticker sheets. MAMBI has Fitness sticker book available with additional stickers for your planner.

How are you using your Fitness Planner? Do you decorate your planner? What works well for you? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.


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