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Printable Weekly Stickers Antique Pastel Free Download

Printable Weekly Stickers Antique Pastel Free Download

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Look at these beautiful colors. If you like antique colors, this printable is for you. These soft pastel colors will look great in your planner. I hope you like it! Let me know ūüôā

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Meal Planning Made Easy – 5 Easy Steps

mealplanning1Meal Planning Made Easy – 5 Easy Steps

I have been keeping track of our expenses for the last few months using my printable worksheets. It is great seeing where all the money goes but also a big eye opener on how much money we are actually spending (wasting).

One of our biggest expense is food, this includes groceries and dining out. We have consistently spent about $1,300 each month. We are not a large family and knowing that other families only spend about $500 – 700 on food each month, our grocery budget needs to be at least cut in half!

I know there are certain factors that led to the high spending. My husband and I are both working full time, often stopping at the grocery store after work to pick something up for Dinner. Because we didn’t feel like spending a lot of time cooking once we got home, we usually pick up something that was already prepared or just needed to go in the oven. Oh, and don’t forget the snacks! We¬†are eating out a lot on the weekend or before/after our son’s Hockey practice during the week.

Next month I will try to cut our grocery budget to $700. That would be about $600 dollars in savings!!! Wow!!! That is a big motivation to plan my meals ahead!

Step 1: Download printable meal plan layout

I believe the best way is to plan your meals ahead for the next week or even month if you like. This shouldn’t just include dinner but also breakfast, lunch and snacks. You can download a free printable layout here that will help you plan. I will be using it for my meal plan this week.¬† You can download the file here -> weekly meal plan

My meal plan starts on a Monday because I usually do my planning and grocery shopping on the Sunday before. If you would like to start your meal plan on a different day (many people start their week on a Sunday) let me know in the comments and I’ll upload another version of the file.


Step 2: View local flyers for great savings

A good idea is to look at your local grocery flyers for items that are on sale and plan your meals around these ingredients. For example, if ground beef is on sale maybe have Spaghetti, Chili and Hamburgers that week.

Step 3: Write down meals for the week

Now it’s time to write down all your meals in the meal plan. As you write down the meals I would also write down all the ingredients for each recipe on a separate sheet and use it later as your grocery list. That way you won’t forget anything. You can download a printable copy of the shopping list here ->grocery shopping list


Step 4: Keep favorite recipes

There are some recipes you might make more often than others. For these recipes I have a separate binder that I keep in my kitchen cabinets. I will post some of my favorite recipes in a separate post in the future. You can find the recipe printable file here -> recipes



Step 5: Cook ahead if you have the time

If you have extra time during the week or on the weekend, you can cook some of your meals ahead or prepare all the ingredients so when it’s time to cook you are not busy washing, cutting and mixing everything.

Another idea might be to keep a log of frequent products that you buy and prices throughout the year or just the regular price and sale price. That way you can see if the “sale price” is a good deal or not and if there have been better sales before. I have seen items that had a great big sale sign and when you looked closer it was only 2 cents off the regular price. That was for¬†a $2 item. Many people would just see the big sign and grab two or more items because they are on sale.

On your recipe sheet you could write down the estimate price of the ingredient and calculate the estimate cost per serving. I know it seems like a lot of work but just focus on main ingredients.

Let me know if you have any other ideas


How to get your kids to do chores!

Getting your kids to do chores¬†can be a chore itself. Constant reminders won’t work and at the end you do it yourself. Yes, I am speaking from experience!

As mentioned in previous posts, I want to get my life a little more organized and have more time to spend on fun things with the family without worrying too much about what still needs to be done at home.

Our son is 9 years old now and he never had to do any chores. He has been asking about getting his own bank account and allowance, which is great because it will safe us a lot of money!

Without having his own money, he does not have a sense of how much money something actually costs. A lot of times he is¬†like: “Can I have this toy? It’s ONLY $50! You don’t have to spend your money you can just use the card”. Yeah, right!

So actually, giving him his allowance will save us a lot of money. I think $5 a week is a fair amount which will add up to $20 or $25 a month depending on how many weeks the month has.

Chore Chart

He can choose whatever he wants to do with that money, but has to know once it’s gone, it’s gone and he needs to save up for bigger items.

So how do you get your kids to do chores? I suggest to combine the allowance with the chores. My mom did that for me and my three siblings.

We had to do mandatory chores that would give us our full allowance at the end of the week and she would have extra chores available that would give us additional money.

Some of us were eager to do all the chores plus the extra chores earning a good amount of money and some of us could care less if they received and allowance or not. Eventually my mom introduced allowance deductions if the mandatory chores were not completed. I am not saying names but some of us owed her money.

It’s all up to you if you want give the options of extra allowances or allowance deductions for not completed chores. I think it also depends on the age of the children and the need for their own money.

I have created this Chore Chart for my son and we will try it out next week. He is excited about it and we will see how it goes.

I might make some modifications to the chart if I think a different layout will work better.

Here’s how the chart works:

  1. Print one chart for each child
  2. Fill in the child’s name and the time period.
  3. On the right side fill in the weekly allowance amount e.g. $5.00
  4. Below fill in how much each extra chore is worth e.g. $0.50
  5. Now fill in the different chores you want your child to do, write the extra chores in a different color or separate them from the regular chores with a line between.
  6. Some chores do not need to be done daily. I have framed each cell for the day the chores need to be done.
  7. For each chore that the child completes tick it off with a check mark or place a fun sticker. I think the chore chart will work better if you let your child do it. They’ll be excited to see the completed chores on the chart.
  8. The “Allowance” column on the right side will let you add up the extra money or deductions.

I think to be successful with getting your kids to do chores, you should keep the age of the child in mind. If you have a young child and you are just starting, give them just a few simple chores. I would give them only one or two chores that need to be done daily and maybe one or two that are done once a week. Keep them short and simple.

I will post an update about our progress in a few weeks. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Free printable chore chart here: Chore Chart


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